About Us

The Vatican Museums, a place of splendour and welcome

Welcome to the “Museum of Museums”, a complex conserving the enormous collection of art gathered by Roman Pontiffs throughout centuries. At the Vatican Museums, tradition and innovation form a perfect symbiosis. Every year millions of people of all faiths come here and get enchanted by humanity’s most valuable treasures.

The art inside the 7 kilometres of galleries within the museums is a testimony of the beauty and power of creation. The Vatican Museums is a dynamic complex that holds different, but extremely important collections from Egyptian to Roman that have been beautifully preserved for centuries.

Our mission is to continue to share the extraordinary legacy of the amalgam of artistic, historical, religious, and political value within the Vatican. As the legitimate Vatican Museums tour provider we aim to help you discover the wonders of the Museums comfortably, uniquely and in the company of expert tour guides who will be able to share their knowledge in an entertaining and captivating way.

Experts in all things Vatican

Every experience we provide involves a concoction of extensive expertise in the art and history of the Vatican, strategic planning, and a dedication to respect, support, and preserve local culture, art, and traditions. Our only domain of expertise is the Vatican and every piece of art within its open borders.

Every one of our tour guides has a passion for the art and history of the Vatican, some of them started with a love for Renaissance art, some of them developed an interest in the dynamism of Baroque art, some of them fell in love with the superb architecture. By choosing a tour with us you will be accompanied by a guide who holds an encyclopaedic knowledge of the art and history of the Vatican and has years of experience as a tour guide that can keep an audience engaged and entertained.

All our guides hold English proficiency and are natural-born storytellers, who are also prised for their friendly personalities. Their relentless passion made them become experts in the history, art, and architecture of places like the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Authentic experiences at the Vatican

Our extensive Vatican expertise and the official status as the legitimate Vatican Museums Tour Provider enable us to offer the most authentic experiences at the Holy See. We are authorised providers for any type of possible event within the Vatican Museums and we are fully committed to providing unforgettable experiences.

Whether you are looking for general access tickets, or you are interested in seeing the museums first thing in the morning before the general public, or if you want exceptional experiences such as having the entire complex all to yourself we are able to provide that! No-wait admission, skip-the-line access, early/late entrance and entry to areas that would normally be closed are at the top of our experiences.

Please feel free to explore our carefully designed tours and see which experience matches your interests best. Should you have any questions that are not answered on our FAQs page, please feel free to get in touch to discuss any specific needs and requirements.