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As expert tour providers of the Vatican Museum, we can best guide you through the 7 kilometres of art galleries hosted within the walls of one of the oldest and most visited museum complex in the world. Large queues and crowds often form both at the entrance and inside the popular galleries. As an official Vatican Museum tour provider, our tours will keep you out of the crowds and will also give you access to St. Peter’s Basilica. Whether you want to be among the first to enter the Museums, or to have the complex entirely to yourself and admire the Sistine Chapel ceiling in complete silence, our comprehensive list of tours gives you plenty of options. Choosing a tour guided by an expert in the history of the thousands of artworks, paintings and sculptures inside, can help your streamline your visit in order to make the most out of it. Our engaging guides can walk you through the Sistine Chapel and provide you with the most intricate stories about its famous ceiling, frescoes and creator. You will also admire the Gallery of the Candelabra, the Gallery of Tapestries and the Gallery of Maps and benefit from the encyclopaedic knowledge of your assigned guide. Our itineraries are specially designed so that you do not miss any important parts of the museum. You can also choose whether you want a private or public tour and the size of it and can add any personal preferences such as pick-up from your accommodation. We endeavour to share the extraordinary legacy of the amalgam of artistic, historical and religious value within the Vatican while providing you with the most comfortable experience. Italy has plenty to offer, so while you are here be sure to choose a guided tour and maximise your time and experiences.

Vatican Galleries-on the way to Sistine Chapel

Vip Early Entrance Vatican Guided Tour

If there is one place in the world that holds a powerful amalgam of artistic, historical, religious, and political value that is within the open borders of the Vatican City

10:00 AM Vatican Museums Small Group Tour

The Vatican City is a perfect example of a one-size-fits-all travel destination. It is a place that attracts daily a large number of tourists with different interests

Vatican city
Vatican Museum After Hours

Friday Evening Vatican Guided Tour

The Vatican Museums hold a sheer amount of artwork, beauty, and splendour that attract thousands of tourists on a daily basis.

After Hours Private Vatican Tour- VIP Experience

The endless list of masterpieces within the Vatican Museums puts this labyrinthine complex of art on the bucket-list of most art lovers and travellers.

Vatican off the beaten path