Vip Vatican guided tour, Thank God it's Friday

Friday Evening Vatican Guided Tour

The Vatican Museums hold a sheer amount of artwork, beauty, and splendour that attract thousands of tourists on a daily basis. This popularity means that at times the museums can get claustrophobically crowded. The solution? Come visit the museums at night! The Vatican Museums have special openings on Friday evenings for tourists who are looking for a premium experience. As the official Vatican Museums tour provider, we will help you visit the Vatican Museums and the superb Sistine Chapel in a more exclusive way! On top of that, a dedicated, English-speaking guide will be there to accompany you in every step on your journey to discover the Vatican at night. As the dusk is falling and you explore the nearly empty galleries you will get top insider knowledge from your assigned expert guide.


› Get premium skip-the-line admission tickets to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, home to humanity’s most valuable treasures

› Enjoy the after-hours experience with this special Fridays only 19:00 tour when the crowds are smaller and the views are better

› Take advantage of the encyclopaedic knowledge of a dedicated English-speaking guide who will accompany you on this journey

› Choose who joins you on this tour, either be part of a small-group of no more than 12 people or choose the private option

Have you ever wondered what museums look like at night?

Insightful, silent, and spacious… Many people wish to visit the Vatican because they want to admire one of the most important art collections in the world but they simply cannot stand the crowds. So many tourists are looking into visiting the Vatican Museums with very few people around. Well, you can now hang out at one of the world’s most stunning places at night! We provide a special time-slot on Friday evenings for travellers who prefer more authentic and less crowded experiences. As soon as you enter the museums you will feel the difference! You will have enough time and space to pay detailed attention to the masterpieces inside. This after-hours tour promises an unrushed and hassle-free experience. Exactly what you would wish for when visiting such a fabulous yet extremely popular place.

Vatican off the beaten path
Vatican exit- Momo's staircase

What parts of the museums will you visit?

Throughout centuries wealthy and famous visitors have presented the Pope with some of the most valuable artworks in Western art and history. These masterpieces can now be found within this labyrinthine complex. On this tour you will visit places like the Gallery of the Candelabra and the Gallery of Tapestries. The former holds an incredible collection of busts, statues and masks found throughout the continent from the time of the Roman Empire to present day. This gallery is divided into 6 superbly designed rooms whose defining features are the impressive candelabra from each room. The latter is a gallery that is protected from sunlight in order to best preserve the tapestries of Raffaello Sanzio. These superb tapestries illustrate some of the most famous Catholic myths. Part of the itinerary is also the Gallery of Maps where you will wander through a large number global maps created by Roman topographers centuries ago when cartography was undergoing its own Renaissance.

The Sistine Chapel evening experience

For many, the highlight of this tour is the Sistine Chapel. This place is usually heaving with tourists. By joining this tour you will be able to admire the chapel with very few people around you. Every inch of this place holds an incredible artistic value and it can be difficult to experience it fully during the usual operating hours of the Museums. This after hours tour will give you the opportunity to discover in-depth Michelangelo’s genius. The Sistine Chapel ceiling is one of the most renowned artworks of the Renaissance period. It has drawn admirers here from all the corners of the globe for over five hundred years. The ceiling is divided into 9 panels, each depicting an important Biblical Scene. Central to the ceiling is a famous fresco displaying one of the main stories from the Book of Genesis, the Creation of Adam. This fresco portrays God giving life to Adam the first man. Due to this special time slot that we provide, you will also have the occasion to observe and analyse the frescoes that are beautifully coloured in the rare shades of ochre, umber green, and ultramarine blue.

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel
Family tours in the Vatican city

Small-Group Tour

You can join this tour, as part of a group of no more than 12 people. Being part of a small-group when touring the Vatican can be a fun yet more personal experience since the size of the group is small. Your assigned guide will accommodate everyone on the tour and answer everyone’s questions. Our guides are highly experienced at keeping such groups engaged and entertained and they will provide top insider knowledge on the monuments. This option is more budget-friendly while not giving away the benefits of having a guide to accompany you as you discover the Vatican. On top of that, it has proved to be a great option for tourists who do not mind the presence of other like-minded and culture-hungry travellers who are all enthusiastic about discovering the Vatican.

Private Tour

Newlyweds, families, first-time tourers, or couples and friends who prefer more privacy or are simply looking for more authentic travel experiences, may often think that having a guide to yourself is better than sharing one. With this premium option, you decide who joins you on this tour. Needless to say that you will benefit from the undivided attention of your guide and that you can also benefit from flexibility of itinerary. With this choice you will experience the Vatican in a very time-efficient and seamless way, where you can spend more time on the galleries that appeal to you the most and less time in others, you will see the Vatican at your own pace. You can also choose this option and upgrade it to include pick-up from your accommodation. This option promises a much more comfortable, efficient, and authentic experience!

Exclusive tours in the Vatican Museum
* Please note:

This tour runs on Friday evenings only. When visiting the Vatican you are kindly asked to dress for your comfort while respecting the rules about covering your knees and shoulders.